My Vape Logo


Design Summary

An advanced and innovative logo, the My Vape logo stands out amongst industry contemporaries in giving My Vape a strong and recognisable logo design.

Endless Possibilities

Versatility is one of the primary goals of this design. This means it looks good no matter where you place it.



When the heads of My Vape launched their business, they knew they wanted a logo that stood out from the crowd. The client required that the design be memorable, unique, and modern. They wanted a logo that didn’t just appeal to vape enthusiasts, but also the average person.

What we delivered:

  • A clean and elegant design.
  • A simple yet striking colour scheme that’s easy on the eye.
  • We incorporated the initials of the business into the design.
  • The logo was designed to be used in a variety of applications while still retaining what makes it look good.
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