Lishlashes Website

Clean design for a simple shopping experience


We were contacted by the founder of Lishlashes exactly two weeks before the launch of the website. As a newly launch business operating by selling products via Instagram and Facebook, they wanted a website to give their customers a simple and engaging shopping. Lishlashes required that the website be quick, clean, easy to use and only feature natural images (i.e., no stock images). The most challenging aspect was that they wanted to launch it in 2 weeks, meaning we had to not only design a website, but also integrate their third-party softwares and systems, and robustly test it out all in the space of 14 days… We really do love a challenge!

We created a website that is:

  • Lightweight and responsive, allowing it to work like it’s supposed to on any device.
  • Built on the WordPress CMS platform, allowing the client to customise their posts, products and content however they pleased post-launch.
  • Integrated with exciting new technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
  • Made the website highly optimised for performance.
  • Built with on-site SEO from the first steps to make it easier to rank of search engines.
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